Donate to the Kappa Alpha Psi

Foundation of Metropolitan Baltimore

To build a better Baltimore, we need your help.

Each day, the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation of Metropolitan Baltimore (KFMB) is working harder, reaching farther, and cultivating partnerships to ensure we improve the human condition for Baltimore’s distressed communities and families. Because isn’t Baltimore worth strengthening?

We know the answer to that question, yes! As the KFMB focuses on ensuring that talented students are able to pursue higher education and at-risk African-American males have access to mentors and supportive services, we invite you to be a part of our work.

As an organization, we’re committed to supporting Baltimore’s youth. With hard work and the right supports in place, we firmly believe they can do it.

We ask that you consider a gift to the KFMB to help us realize our ultimate goal: building a better Baltimore by
building stronger young people, especially African-American males.

There are so many ways to give to the KFMB. You can give on-line or in person. You can also give while you shop! The KFMB participates in Amazon Smile. With every purchase Amazon will donate to your favorite charity- the KFMB! Here’s our unique Amazon Smile address:

We need you, and we hope that you believe in us! Please use the additional comments field to tell us where to direct your gift.